Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains?

  1. Embrace the rain. It can make for stunning photos.
  2. We suggest purchasing pretty umbrellas.
  3. Discuss alternate locations and rain locations with your photographer. If you have any preferred locations let us know and we’ll work them into the plan. We will also help make suggestions for great back-up options.

Do you edit all the images?
We sure do. You will receive a full set of unwatermarked color and black and white, high-resolution images which are color corrected, toned, and cropped.

What do we actually get?
You will receive a high quality selection of your wedding images as well as an online gallery to share with family and friends. There’s also USB with colour, black and white high resolution images. You own the rights to these photos and can reproduce them as you wish. We also include a selection of web-sized photographs because we know some will end up on your social media accounts.

My fiance doesn’t like being in front of a camera.
A decade of experience in the wedding industry has taught us a lot of things and we’re ready for more. We are very well-versed in all types of religious and cultural ceremonies and operate in a very respectful and courteous manner.

Do you do cultural weddings, Indian, Jewish, Chinese, etc. ?
It happens a lot and that’s why there are engagement shoots! They are a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and get used to being photographed. After the session, we will show you exactly how you photograph together professionally and you can give us feedback about what you like / don’t like. We’ll then personalize the approach to get the best possible photos on the wedding day.

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